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15 Things That Drive Chefs Crazy

To all Chefs out there – this is a partial list. Please add more in the comments section and we will update the post! 1       EQUIPMENT THAT IS IN DISREPAIR The job is hard enough without faulty equipment- slicers with dull blades, cracked vita mix containers, un-calibrated ovens, gas jets that don’t fire, oven doors with busted springs, sauté’ pans that are belled from excessive exposure to heat – and the list goes on and on. 2         ITEMS NOT RETURNED TO THEIR PROPER HOME Just as a pilot must be confident that his or her gauges and levers are imbedded in his or her memory, a line cook depends on pans, mise en place, sizzle platters, small tools like tongs and whisks, and side towels to be exactly where there should be. Wasted time looking for key equipment is highly i...

A Day In The Life Of A Chef – What it is Really Like

How many times have your friends that don’t work in the trade ask you what it is like to be a chef? Its quite hard to explain but this post from Harvest America Cues gets pretty close! Its well worth sharing with your friends!   – Many jobs are physically demanding and others push a persons ability to think clearly and problem solve. Some jobs can be emotionally draining while others are adrenaline driven and allow workers to ride high and weather the storms of stress. Line work in a kitchen is a combination of all of the above. If you haven’t lived it – understanding the feelings that line cooks experience every day or night is difficult to imagine. The environment, the nature of the work, the pressure coming from all directions, and the internal need to...

Every Kitchen Needs Someone Like This! Incredibly Fast Dishwasher Video

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  This list could be a good reference point as chefs assess their own performance as well as a checklist for operators taking a hard look at the person who holds the key position in the back-of-the-house. There are no guarantees in business, but an understanding of and avoidance of the following will certainly help to put a chef on the right path. Another incredible post from HARVEST AMERICAN VENTURES Please do Check out their Site! Link is at the bottom of the page! SUREFIRE WAYS TO FAIL AT THE POSITION OF CHEF: DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR GUESTS Far too many chefs relish reaching the position of “person in charge” so that they can demonstrate their skill and convince the guest to like what the chef prefers to make. This can work, but creating an environment where the chef...

A Chef’s Letter To All Line Cooks

If you are, ever have been or would like to be a line cook you really need to read this written by an incredibly respected chef Paul Sorgule! If you need encouragement, advice or just to know that others know your struggles…. read on! It’s interesting how even after hanging up a chef’s hat I still enjoy being called “chef”. Although I haven’t spent more than one occasional day at a time behind a professional kitchen range in some time, I am still filled with enthusiasm for kitchen life. One of my great joys when holding that position was orchestrating, or even just watching the hum of the line and the symmetry of a cadre of line cooks performing their magic. I continue to have tremendous respect for all of the characters with whom I worked and every serious li...


This hilarious video, sets the example of what a Head Chef should never say! Let us know in the comments if there is anything you would love to add and we will make a new post about it!

Amazing Fruits Cutting Skills, How to Cut Fruits Fast Video

If you like watching Asian Street Food Videos, you are finding the right place.

Oddly Satisfying Cutting Compilation

VIDEO – Chefs and Foodies, you will love this. If you have a few minutes to waste check it out!


  How many of these do you believe are true? We would love to know your thoughts, just drop us a comment and we can up date the post! NO PAIN, NO GAIN (PERCEPTION) The culture of a kitchen seems to support the perception that if a line cook does not wear the badge of honor in the form of cuts, bruises, burns, swollen feet, or strained back, then he or she is somehow not ready for prime time. As much as this may be part of the reality of working in a kitchen some of the pain associated with a cook’s work can be prevented by using a reasonable amount of caution and protection that must be drilled into a person’s consciousness. []         BRING IT ON (BELIEF) Once a cook is comfortable that his or her mise en place is spot on then the feeling is that he or she can handl...


Do you You tend to shout out “behind” whenever you approach somebody on the street, in stores, or in your own home? Or Maybe You spend more on kitchen knives and specialty tools than on a car payment.   There comes a point in time on most people’s lives when they finally realize that what they do for a living is what they are meant to do. It is this “aha” moment that can either serve as a breath of relief or an “oh crap” feeling of submission. Many times you don’t even realize that you have reached that point – sometimes it is the observation from others that brings this epiphany to light. So, what about professional cooks? We all know that it is a strange, isolating, intense, physically demanding, mentally taxing, and emotionally draining business – but how will you...

8 Real Life Struggles Of A Chef

Not only is it a hard life in the kitchen but it doesn’t stop there! Leave us a comment of you what really gets you being a Chef! Regardless of what is said its true to say that this industry is a job of passion, and I guess we wouldnt have it any other way! 1. Not having a social life It’s very difficult to have a social life when you work as a Chef. A lot of the time you will be slaving away behind a hot stove whilst your friends are out having a good time. Even if you have time off where you can meet up with your mates- you will probably be too knackered to do anything anyway! 2. Getting phone calls on your days off Days off are somewhat of a rarity when you work as a Chef, but sometimes you will be phoned up by your boss and asked to come in. This often happens ...

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