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Can You Name These Cuts of Beef? QUIZ

Identify the 10 beef cuts! How simple can it be! Post your scores and share to challenge your friends!

The Unspoken Kitchen Code. Do You Agree?

According to Chef’s Resources  here is a run down of the Unspoken Kitchen code.  Let us know what you think and if there is some tings which have been missed of.  Please do check out their site( another link at the End!)   The Kitchen Code: (not in any particular order) 1. You show up early and are at your station early, ready to work. 2. You arrive in a presentable fashion: showered, shaved, brushed, combed, and in a clean uniform. Last night’s entertainment is not discernable. 3. You have a genuine enthusiasm for good food, good technique, and culinary advancement, regardless of how much you already think you know. 4. You maintain a good attitude, finding satisfaction in doing good work. 5. You are coachable and don’t get defensive when criticized. 6. Y...

What People Don’t Understand Unless They Have Worked In A Kitchen

  Unless you’ve worked in a kitchen, it’s hard to understand the chaotic dance of a dinner rush. Coded language, constant personality clashes, and thick-as-blood camaraderie are side dishes to every entree you’ve ever ordered. To turn the world of cooks into an open kitchen, we asked back-of-house staff from around the country to enlighten us on some of the things that they’re always having to explain to their friends who they only get to hang out with on Monday nights. Salt and butter are everywhere But always unsalted butter. Also, half-sticks of butter look downright cutesy compared to 1lb blocks. Cooks don’t get tipped out If you’re going by the book, it’s illegal to force employees to pool tips for back-of-house workers....


Restaurant kitchens are one of the most challenging environments to work in – it’s hot, it’s unpredictable and it’s blue collar labor. It’s easy to get super stressed out and lose it – I used to at least once a shift. The problem is that it’s not productive or healthy – for the person stressed, nor the people around them. (VIDEO VERSION OF ARTICLE AT BOTTOM) Here are 5 Keys (Leave a comment If you have Additions): 1. Lead by Example Whether you’re at the top of the totem pole or at the bottom, the energy you put out affects the people around you, and as a result the entire organization. I had to grow up and realize that slamming oven doors and cussing, even under my breath, were destructive. Those types of behaviors ke...

Gordon Ramsay’s Top 10 Rules For Success

  To all Chef’s This is great advice, it is 15 minutes long so if you don’t have time to watch it all now, share it to your timeline so you can watch it later!  Hope you enjoy   1. Go and get knowledge Ramsay has described his early life as “hopelessly itinerant”; his family moved constantly due to the aspirations and failures of his father. 2. Delegate At the age of 16, Ramsay moved out of the family house into a flat in Banbury. 3. The customer is king Ramsay played football and was first chosen to play under-14 football at age 12. His football career was marked by injuries. 4. Establish confidence in yourself Rather than be known as the football player with the gammy knee, at age 19, he paid more serious attention to his culinary educa...

How to Make a Classic Béchamel Sauce

  Watch The Savory’s Chef Drew prepare Béchamel, one of the five classic French mother sauces, and pair it with a tasty dish.     Ever wanted to run your own website?  We are giving them away for FREE! And you get hints and tips that we have used that has allowed us to get a social media following of nearly 500,000 People!  Sign up now for FREE at  Chefsr – Free Websites for Chefs and Foodies   We would love to have you join our community on facebook, where we have Chef Humour our latest Food News, Viral Food Videos and more —->  Facebook Page  

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