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How to Make a genuine French vinaigrette – French flavours

How to Make a genuine French vinaigrette - French flavours


Learn how the classic version of the genuine French vinaigrette dressing. This is used widely in French homes. it is simple but delicious and can be used for all kind of purpose with green salads, vegetables, tomatoes and much more.

here is the list of ingredients for one of the most widely used dressing in France and europe the Vinaigrette dressing.

If you rough it up, it is basically:

Salt and pepper then add 1 measure of Vinegar for 3 measure of oil.

As an example, for a bowl of salad or small batches (using a tablespoon as a measure) this is how to do it:

In a small bowl put salt and pepper.
Then stir in one tablespoon of vinegar (and eventually a teaspoon of mustard if you like to use it)
Then add 3 tablespoons of oil. (olive oil does not work well with mustard)
stir everything well and its done.

If you want to make larger quantities the ingredients for a liter of vinaigrette are as follow:

Oil: 1 Litre (026 gallons)
Vinegar: 300 ml (0.79 Gallons)Mustard (optional) 0.040KG (1.4oz)
Mustard (optional) 0.040KG (1.4oz)
Salt (2 tablespoons)
pepper (2 Tablespoons)


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