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What is a Roux and how to Make it? – White, Blond and Brown Roux

What is a Roux and how to Make it? - White, Blond and Brown Roux


what is a roux and how do you make it? the Roux is one of the core ingredients you use in order to make a wide range of French Sauces. at its core its a simple mix of butter and flour used in equal quantities which is then cooked for a few minutes and used afterwards to thicken sauces and give them a certain coloration. mainly White,Blond and Brown.

Ingredients to use and quantities to make a roux is as follow:

For 1 liter of liquid (2.113 us pint/33.81 fluid ounce) you need:

40 to 70 grams of unsalted Butter
40 to 70 grams of plain Flour

Cooking times:

White Roux 3 to 4 minutes maximum
Blond Roux 4 to 6 minutes maximum
Brown Roux 6 to 8 minutes maximum

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