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Do You Want More Customers To Your Hospitality Business – Free Platform

Chef's Circle Advice Marketplace

The Chef’s Circle Professional Advice Market Place.

Do you run a business in the hospitality or nutrition market place, and offer advice or consultancy as part of your business? If you do we want to help build your brand and customer base for you for free.  You can even gain extra revenue through of platform by offering your services to those that you would normally reach.

About Chef’s Circle Market Place

The Chef’s Circle Advice Marketplace is an online telephone and video advice marketplace hosting independent advisors across the hospitality Industry. Advisors publish beautiful profile pages, offering live call and appointment availability with live calendar synchronisation. Free or paid telephone & video appointments are offered on the platform.

Chef’s Circle Marketplace is an all-in-one solution with no downloads or plugins required. Features include expert discovery pages, search, expert profiles, live calendar integration, video & telephone calling, expert questions and answers and up-front payment authorisation for all booking requests, with full transaction logging.

Profile Page with Live Availability

Offer free or paid video & telephone appointments with live Google/Outlook calendar integration. No more emailing back and forth with your customers to arrange meeting times. There are no subscriptions and no joining fees!

Integrated Video or Telephone Calls

Video or telephone calls are available. Video calls take place in a secure integrated browser session – downloads and plugins are not required. Share attachments and screen-share your presentations.

Free or Paid Calls – You Set the Price!

Charge for appointments at a fixed or hourly rate (paid per-minute) of your choosing. Users’ credit cards are pre-authorised and charged after the call. If a paid non fixed-price call runs over, you’re paid at your hourly rate (per minute). The Chef’s Circle  take a small commission on each transaction (currently ZERO% for video, 20% for telephone). Funds are available to withdraw to your bank three business days after the call (withdrawals are fee-free). Telephone calls take place over a local geographical conference line for your country (subject to availability).

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